Çanakkale Downtown

Bazaar / Life Center / Square

Çanakkale Belediyesi, Çarşı, Yaşam Merkezi ve Otopark ile Yakın Çevresi

w/ Gizem Fidan, Burcu Avtepe, Gamze Özcan, Recep Ören

Architectural Concept

In the current situation in the site,there is an introverted bazaar building, which is excluded from the daily life by disconnected with the surroundings Çanakkale Downtown aims to create a system that merges the public square on the south,public garden on the north,the park on the west with the building itself.It reinterprets the traditional bazar texture,which is an extroverted model that spreads into the city organically,by using the street system in the mass.

The building is permeable with the commercial units and streets, making it not only a shopping destination but also a walking route. Instead of offering a single-door entrance-exit, the building has been transformed into an open extroverted structure that can be circulated around and allows pedestrian flow in all directions. With all of these, the building creates a new focal point and it is included in the daily routines of the city.

Mass Decision / Function Distribution

On the ground floor of the building, land borders retracted in order to allow the circulation and create the pedestrian axis. In order to strengthen the connection between Muammer Aksoy Park and City Square, two main entrances have been identified in the related directions.The entrance from the Public Square is emphasized with canopy and the municipal service units are located at this point and easy access is provided. The entrance of Muammer Aksoy Park is considered as one of the most important points determining the harmony of the building with the green. At this point, an amphitheater was designed with the purpose of combining the park and recreation function with the building, the ground floor, the first floor and the park were connected to each other.

The first floor is defined by a central square which supports and connects upstairs commercial units, restaurant, children’s center and cultural functions. Restaurant units are arranged on the first floor next to the amphitheater and connected to the square via bridges. With its terrace on three sides, it provides the opportunity to experience both the upper square and the axis of the Muammer Aksoy Park-Public Garden. The children’s activity center is located next to the central square, which is most suitable for observability. At the same time, the green area of the the square is planned for children to use easily. Multi-purpose cultural and art spaces are located at the end of the amphitheater-square axis. Thus the foyer of cultural areas can expand to the central square. It connects the common foyer, cinema, handicraft workshops, divisible hall and auditorium. The auditorium is located at the top level.



Public, Commercial





Çanakkale, Turkey






28 000 m2



Çanakkale Municipality


Egemen Onur Kaya